Friday, May 16, 2008

Wintermute joins the fray on Feel Good Friday and throws down the gauntlet!

'Mute saw what Sharon and I were doing and has kicked it up another notch, with Memphis' Reverend of Love, Al Green.

TIMES TWO! You best go over there while I figure my next move...

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Sharon Cobb said...

He doesn't scare me! Anyone who calls Motwown "doodoo" is clearly not
feeling it, though it got off it an very strong start.
Here's what I posted over at his place, and I'll cross post it here:

Motown"doodoo?" That there is some fightin words my friend, and while I begrudgingly acknowledged you've entered the competition with a very nice selection of Al Green, you're up against a pro here sweetcakes, so get ready to rumble next week because if you or Cracker can beat the performance I have chosen for next week, I'll buy both of you dinner next time I'm in Memphis.

The gloves are a peace sign, of course, but metaphorically, the gloves are off.

And a quick prayer:
Dear God,
May all competitions and wars in the world be to make people feel better and betterist (new word) through music.
Amen, (said like Al Green in a 'Change is Gonna Come!')