Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kennedy Day report

After having second (and THIRD) thoughts, I ponied up the $150 for the SCDP's annual Kennedy Day fundraiser, which was inexplicably not held in 2007. I wound up being glad that I went.

My congressman was there with his guests, and I sat at one of the tables of my county commissioner, Steve Mulroy. I saw lots of old friends and cohorts from various campaigns, and got to reintroduce myself to Bob Tuke, who is one of the two Democrats running for the Senate. I am supporting Bob; you'll hear more about that later.

(Side note: Chris Lugo, you should have stayed in the Democratic primary. You still probably would not have won, but you would have moved the Democratic debate even further to the left. Now, as a Green, you'll get your 1% and be otherwise ignored, which is a shame, but I digress.)

Jim Cooper gave a nice solid speech explaining why he supports Obama, and why we MUST come together in the fall, as the TDP needs us to come up BIG in November. I agree; tell Barack to make sure that they send money down here for the coordinated campaign! No, it's not the stemwinders we have come to expect down here, but, for a guy from Nashville, he did right fine.

Folks, here's the most important thing I can tell you about last night, more than the money that was raised, more than the renewal of friendships, more than anything: WE ARE UNITED IN SHELBY COUNTY. All that old crap is OVER, and for good, I believe. It's been a long time since I could say that, and I am delighted with this turn of events. I have no doubt that we are going to have a record turnout in November, and even August, as we will hopefully renominate our Congressman, and elect Cheyenne Johnson Assessor, and Paul Mattila as Trustee. Maybe even Otis Jackson as General Sessions Court Clerk, as my Congressman sure wants him to win.

Today, at the request of David Upton, I joined other Democrats, including elected officials like my Senator, Beverly Marrero, Commissioner Mulroy, Rep. Barbara Cooper, Shep Wilbun, Democratic National Committeewoman (and TDP Secretary) Gale Jones Carson, as well as activists Howard Richardson and Reginald Milton in meeting with Bob Tuke. Bob, in my opinion, has the strength and background to be a great Senate candidate, and I have watched him as he was a powerful State Party Chair, and he understands the issues and knows what it will take to unseat LAMAR! Alexander.

It's going to be a great campaign!

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Sharon Cobb said...

I spoke with Spencer yesterday, and your name came up. I told him how wonderful you are!

Glad you're supporting Bob. He's a great guy who isn't afraid to tell you what he's thinking.

So you and I support Barack, Bob and Steve. We've got to work hard to get them elected/reelected.

I'll be glad when Nov is here!

How's Kernell doing these days? I haven't spoken with him all of this session.

Anonymous said...

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