Wednesday, May 14, 2008

They're partying in North Mississippi tonight!!!!

Bill Foster in my old IL-14? Check. Don Cazayoux in LA-06? Check. Travis Childers in MS-01?
Check, baby!

For the THIRD time this year, Democrats captured an open Republican seat in a special election, despite Beelzebub himself making a last minute visit to the DeSoto Civic Center on behalf of Gooper Greg Davis on Monday.

Davis carried only four counties in the 23-county First District, and only ONE (Webster) east of I-55. Childers won by just under 8,000 votes, 57,276 to 49,314; when you consider that Davis carried DeSoto by almost TEN THOUSAND VOTES (14,976 to Childers' 5,015), you realize just what a country ass-whoopin' this election was.

This despite the fact that the NRCC and "independent" 527 Freedom's Watch spent untold sums trying to hang Barack Obama around Childers' neck; however, this backfired AGAIN as it had in LA-06 a few days ago. If the Republicans can't win with the race card in the Deep South, what possible chance does John McCain (or their congressional candidates, for that matter) have in November?

It's still a long way off and a million miles ahead, but it feels mighty good to be a Mid-South Democrat tonight. Oh, and go over to Cotton Mouth Blog and congratulate them; they helped Childers like a lot of us helped Cohen in 2006 (and will again!)

UPDATE: The Great Orange Satan his ownself weighs in on the glorious victory!


PeskyFly said...

I poured aq libation, and thanked most of our major dieties.

PeskyFly said...

a liabation.

Typings always hard for old thickfingers. Harder before the first coffee.

PeskyFly said...

Oh, I give up. You know what I mean.

dwayne said...

Dems in conservative rural areas should study this victory. While Davis gave only a negative message (OK, Childers did his share including a couple of wicked election day shit sheets), he never gave a clear message of why they should elect him.

Childers on the other hand, stressed a populist economic message, campaigning (with media behind him) in grocery stores and gas stations and stressed how Congress could help the bleeding of jobs in his district.

It gives me faint hope that we could give Ms. Great Satan, Marsha Blackheart, a bad hair day.

Tom Guleff said...

Ouch !!! This is going to leave a mark.

Hey, there's always another election around the corner.

Anonymous said...

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