Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All right, my picks for the County General Election (except Judges)

First, I will pick for whom I will vote, then I will tell you who I think will win, your mileage may vary. Understand that I am not opposed to writing in people when I am not satisfied with the offerings.


You know, I was not for any of the three candidates; I was a supporter of Commissioner Deidre Malone in the primary.  I have met Sheriff Luttrell and asked him questions, and, while he's a nice man, he lost me when he said that Shelby County was not business-friendly.  Um, what?  Businesses (especially BIG ones) get all kinds of tax breaks from the Economic Development folks, as if they don't know how to run a business without sucking at the government tit. Then they whine about PEOPLE getting welfare.

In any event, he may know how to run a jail, but, despite popular opinion, Big Shelby is not a jail.  Yet.

So, that means I am voting for Mayor Joe Ford for a four-year term.  He has, in fact, surprised me with his abilities, and, while I am not thrilled that he is anti-consolidation, he has done a better-than expected job.

WHO WINS?  Ford if Democratic turnout is high, Luttrell if it is not.  You have been warned.


You gotta ask?  Come on, how could I not vote for Steve Mulroy?  He's a bulldog for his district, he's always on the correct side of the issues, and he sings karaoke like a madman.

WHO WINS?  Mulroy, of course, even in low turnout.


Even if Regina Morrison Newman hadn't been my friend for years, I would vote for her.  Appointed to the position last year after the untimely passing of Paul Mattila, she has done a magnificent job in  short period of time, winning awards for her office.  She has been a bulldog in collecting delinquent taxes, something desperately needed for the revenue-starved county.

Her opponent, on the other hand, David Lenoir, seems to have a lot of problems for a man who wants to be in charge of your county's money.  No way should you vote for this man.

WHO WINS?  Regina Morrison Newman, but a large Democratic turnout will be needed.


Well, just look over on the side there, who do you think? Randy Wade is a 25-year veteran of the Sheriff's Department, a military veteran, and most recently, Steve Cohen's director of his Memphis office.  I know him personally, and trust him to to a terrific job as the County's head of law enforcement.

WHO WINS?  Wade, but it could be tight if there is low Democratic turnout.  Notice a theme here?


Jimmy Moore has held this position since 1990, and I've never heard of a bit of trouble out of this office and his employees seem to like him.  Yes, he deserted our party for the GOP in 1994, but he has done a fine job.  Ricky Dixon is the Democratic challenger and a nice guy, but I'm not sensing a groundswell to toss Jimmy Moore.  I don't feel one, anyway.

WHO WINS?  Jimmy Moore regardless of turnout.


Only one of the two candidates have held the position, and that's Minerva Johnican, and she should hold it again.  She is an excellent administrator and gets along well with her employees.  Her opponent, Kevin Key, is the son of the outgoing clerk, Bill Key, but his experience are in other County offices, not this one.

WHO WINS?  Minerva should win, but a big Democratic turnout will help.


There are three candidates, Shep Wilbun, who held this before, Joy Touliatos from the GOP side, and Julia Robinson Wiseman, an independent of whom I've not heard.  I know there are those of you who have problems with Shep's earlier term; hell, I supported Wanda Halbert in the primary against him four years ago.  Wilbun STILL nearly won re-election, losing to the now out-going Steve Stamson.

I believe in second chances, and I think Shep has earned that chance.  He understands the office and will do a great job, if given the opportunity.

WHO WINS?  Wilbun, with the non-Democratic vote split between Touliatos and Wiseman.


The two candidates are Sondra Becton in her fourth race for this office, and Republican Paul Boyd.  However, I agree with the Commercial Appeal here; time to break out the write-in for this one.

WHO WINS?  Becton, she's been too close too often to lose this time, unless Democratic turnout is even lower than I think it will be.


The GOP candidate is Wayne Mashburn, (OOPS, I was mistaken in all of the relations here, thanks to Paula Casey for correcting me!).

The Democratic candidate is Corey Maclin, a nice fellow who you may remember from Studio Wrestling on TV5 and Memphis Wrestling on TV30 and TV50.  He's a wrestling promoter, and how that qualifies him for this office is beyond me.

 I can't call this race, and I'm not sure I want to.  Time for the write-in button!

WHO WINS?  I think Mashburn pulls this out on name recognition.


If my friend Coleman Thompson weren't our nominee, I would endorse Tom Leatherwood.  I never cared for him as a State Senator, but he's done a fine job as Register and he's ok.

I believe, however, that Thompson will do an even better job in the office, and I support him.

WHO WINS?  Leatherwood, probably, unless there is a monolithic Democratic turnout, as more people are familiar with Leatherwood.

All right, other than the judgeships, which I will pick later this week, that's it for the General Election.  As always, your mileage may vary, and no wagering, please!

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