Monday, July 26, 2010

Who do YOU trust for TRUSTEE?

Who do YOU trust for TRUSTEE?
Republican candidate David Lenoir and the Republican Party seem to be obsessed with throwing stones at our current Trustee, Regina Morrison Newman, about things of which they are ignorant.  The truth is – what Lenoir doesn’t know about the law and this County would fill a library – or two.

  • While Lenoir may not know the law, he’s certainly had a brush or two with it. Lenoir was previously President of First Mercantile Capital Management, his daddy’s company, which existed until October 2002. It handled benefit programs for employers like Corky’s.  The activities of First Mercantile under Lenoir’s leadership resulted in Corky’s filing a class action lawsuit alleging racketeering activity, misrepresentation, ethics violations, and breaches of fiduciary duty for having been massively overcharged for years, without proper documentation, for fees on funds which Lenoir’s company was supposed to be holding in trust for its clients like Corky’s and all their employees.  (Memphis Business Journal, 1/10/2003) Lenoir’s clients ultimately settled for $18 million dollars (Triangle Business Journal, 4/2/2003) First Mercantile’s slogan was “Someone you know, Someone you trust.”  (No, we aren’t kidding.)
  •  Plus, despite the Republican Party claiming all its candidates came out clean in “background checks” it sponsored, Lenoir has a criminal conviction for Disorderly Conduct. Maybe the Republican Party should have checked closer.

  • Lenoir never even bothered to vote in a County election until he was on the ballot this year. Just how ‘invested” he is in the future of our county?

  • Based on his own financial disclosures, Lenoir has violated the law governing campaign contributions by taking at least $12,000 above legal limits. A complaint is pending with the State Registry of Election Finance. Lenoir needs to brush up on the law before trying to handle billions of our County tax dollars.

  • Let’s face it - Lenoir just doesn’t let the law get in his way.  
    Lenoir’s clients TRUSTED him with their money, had to sue for RACKETEERING,
    and now he wants to handle OUR money. WE don’t think so.


    If you want to know more about Regina, check out
    Friends of Regina Newman
    P.O. Box 40025
    Memphis, TN 38174

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    sbanbury said...

    Hey, lay off the disorderly conducts--I don't feel like I'm being a good American if I don't get at least one a year. It is our heritage. The other shit, Lenoir has done is, however, utterly despicable.