Monday, July 05, 2010

McWherter Alert! McWherter Alert!!!!!!

Late Breaking News!  Mike does listen, folks, he will be here Tuesday at two locations, per the CA:

Democratic candidate Mike McWherter plans to speak at the Benjamin Hooks Library at 11:30, then "work" at Neely's Interstate BBQ at 2265 S. Third in Memphis as part of his "Mike Works!" campaign theme.
I wonder if they will show him how to make the BBQ spaghetti!  :)

If you can't get to Interstate, try to go to the Hooks Library to hear him speak and to give him support, folks!!!


captainkona said...

This is good, aggressive name and image slinging.
Restaurant is hard work. :)
He needs to continue to implement publicity measures of this nature. They are cheap and effective.

McWherter is as good a Democratic candidate as we're going to get in TN when it comes to name and quality combined.
He's our guy and I will be voting for him. Now if we can just get him up against Wamp, we'll begin to work on the upset of the century.

Jason said...

If McWherter is the best quality candidate we can get, we must be pretty doomed. Fortunately for us, there were several other, better quality candidates running at one point. Unfortunately, they all decided to quit.

Steve Steffens said...

Jason, come back here later tonight to read my eulogy of the TNDP. You'll know why by then.