Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Early Voter Numbers are IN

- 93,736, or 15.6% of 600,349 registered voters

Breakdown by Party
Democrat - 52,645, 56.2%
Republican- 40,347, 43.0%
No Party - 744, 0.8%

Breakdown by Gender
Female - 55,390, 59.1%
Male - 38,341, 40.1%

Breakdown by Race
Black - 31,525, 33.6%
White - 38,350, 40.9%
Other - 23,861, 25.5%

Now, I happen to believe that OTHER is probably close to the same % as Black/White, so extrapolate away.  I mentioned ten days ago why I thought African-Americans were not voting in the same percentages as 2006 or 2008, but I do see that it picked up a little toward the end of Early Voting.  There had better be a REAL uptick on Thursday, or Democratic candidates for County offices might be in trouble.  There was a motorcade today, one tomorrow, one for Wednesday, and there are meetings going on to prepare for Election Day.

However, unless you can get those folks who just can't bring themselves to vote for or against our former mayor to come out and vote for the rest of the ticket, there might be a lot of eggs on a lot of faces Thursday night.

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