Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Tennessee Democratic Party 1824-2010

It is my sad duty, friends and neighbors, to report the passing of the Tennessee Democratic Party this morning, dead of an press release at the age of 186.  

This party, founded by the National Democratic Party's founder, Andrew Jackson, succumbed to a debilitating long-term illness called RUN-AWAY-FROM-LIBERALISM. This tragic malady led to its demise this morning in this press release from its gubernatorial candidate, Mike McWherter, son of Ned, who would presumably have smacked him in the head had he known Mike's campaign would have released this tripe, sent to me by Jackson Baker:

NEWS RELEASE                                   
Contact: Shelby White
Phone: 615.321.1590
McWherter Denounces Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Arizona Over Controversial Immigration Law
Cites Federal Government’s Absolute Failure to Secure US Borders as the Real Problem
NASHVILLE, TN – Mike McWherter, Jackson Businessman and Gubernatorial Candidate, issued the following statement today in response to the US Department of Justice's lawsuit against the state of Arizona over its controversial immigration law:
“I think the administration is wrong on this one. Arizona’s trying to get a handle on the immigration policy because of Washington’s total failure to deal with the real problem,” said Mike McWherter.  “Immigration has become another political football in Washington and this lawsuit only continues the game, rather than solve the problem. We need to control the border, crack down on businesses that employ illegal workers, and give businesses the tools to quickly and reliably verify a job applicant’s status.”
About Mike McWherter
Mike McWherter, the only candidate in the race who is not a career politician, is a successful small business owner in West Tennessee. A native of Northwest Tennessee, he now lives in Jackson with his wife Mary Jane and their children Walker and Bess. 

The McWherter for Governor campaign can be found online at

Sam Claycombe
Press Secretary
Mike McWherter for Governor
P.O. Box 331815, Nashville, TN 37203
Office: 615.321.1590
Cell: 615.294.5074
Yes, dear friends, this is real, and it's NOT spectacular.  The state's de facto Democratic nominee is attacking the President of the USA, of his OWN party, for fighting against a racist law in Arizona.  

Yes, you read that right.
Our own Democratic nominee is taking a nativist position on immigration, OF WHICH HE WOULD HAVE NO CONTROL AS GOVERNOR OF TENNESSEE. 
I have few words, except to say that I am done with the TNDP, and will shortly remove the link from THE ENDLESS BLOGROLL.  Other than helping local friends like my Shelby County representatives and Senators, who still remember what it means to be a Democrat, and local Democrats like Steve Mulroy, Regina Morrison Newman, Steve Cohen (the last liberal standing, it appears) and Randy Wade, I am done.  

OK, maybe Andy Berke, too, but he sure seems to be outnumbered as well. If you're outside Shelby County, and you're to the left of the Tea Party, you're on your own.  

The murder of this party that began with the election of Phil Bredesen was completed this morning with this press release.  Funeral Services will be held July 16 at 4:30 P.M., with Vice President Joe Biden presiding.  He's a helluva speaker, but he's not Lazarus.
Survivors include liberals and progressives, who have been abandoned for some time and who have been preparing for this death for a while now.  However, one knows you can never really prepare for something like this when it occurs.


Blinders Off said...

I unsubscribe receiving email from the TNDP today. It is nauseating watching the party of "NO" attacking everything the Obama administrations does. I cannot do anything about the party of "NO", but I can show my disdain of a Democrat going against the POTUS administration in the voting booth.

callmeishmael said...


If the Vice-President were Lazarus, he would needeth someone to raiseth him from the tomb. LWC: read yo' B-ah-ble, Dude!!

As part of thy education process, I, your semi-humble at my best educator, suggeth that thou starteth with John 11:1-44. Beginneth with the Biblically-mandated King James Version (HE STINKETH!!), then thou hast permission to enter upon more recent efforts such as thy Revised Standard Version or thy New International Version. Avoideth thy Living Bible, however, as it is neither living nor much of a Bible. :)

sbanbury said...

What a dumbass. He might as well have done a commercial of shooting himself in the foot to get the NRA vote. If McWherter doesn't draw out the Democratic base in this election, why else will they go to the polls? The other issues on the ballot will already be decided.

Anonymous said...

Oh, now a state law that tracks a federal law is "racist."

Like you know jack about concurrent jurisdiction as a phD in Fedex customer service.

You call my ethnic group "cracker", yet you accuse others of racism?

Dude, go vote your ill-considered, unintelligent beliefs, but should you really continue spewing your ignorance on a blog?

callmeishmael said...

Nothing like civil discourse to start a day!

sbanbury said...

Damn, steve, i fuckin love that avatar ;-)