Monday, July 12, 2010

Just. One. Leftie.

Brothers and sisters of the progressive movement, if you look at a map with pictures of all the Tennessee Congresspeople, what do you see?  We have four hardcore GOP righties, three Blue Dogs, one guy who can't decide whether he's a Blue Dog or a weak progressive, and we have Steve Cohen.

That's right, folks. Just. One. Leftie.  And there are people in our district who want to take him away from us, even though he has worked harder for his district than anyone since Harold The Elder.

Please, people.  All I want is Just. One. Leftie.

Yet there are those who say we have no diversity because we have no one of color representing Tennesseans.  Well, brothers and sisters, need I remind you that our last Representative prior to Steve Cohen was a Dog who was Bluer than Blue?  How'd that work out for ANYONE?  He was only out for himself; thankfully, he's New York's problem now.

All Steve Cohen has done is do the best job possible for his constituency, and, for the most part, they are pleased with his work.  They know (and HE knows) that he HAS to deliver, has to do better than anyone else doing the same job (and how's THAT for delicious irony, eh?).  All so we can have Just. One. Leftie.

You think you can find a Leftie in East Tennessee, or at least, one that can get elected?  What about the rural areas, where you only find Democrats who try to sound as much like Republicans as possible.  That leaves the 9th District, where we have Just. One. Leftie.

And that, my brothers and sisters of the 9th Congressional District, is all I really ask for this year.  We know that the Doc has no real campaign other than to remind every one that he was the first elected mayor, the first superintendent, and now he wants to be the THIRD Congressman of Color. He'll be just as bored in DC as he was here, and we don't need him.

Why?  Because we have Just. One. Leftie.

Let's keep it that way, shall we?


callmeishmael said...

For your sanity, I hope the Dr. goes down in flames. For the sake of policy, Cohen isn't someone I would vote for. If I lived in the
9th, however, I would respect the wishes of the voting majority. We wouldn't have to argue at dinner about that anyway... :)

autoegocrat said...

Hah! This is great!