Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Come to the Peabody tomorrow morning!

Joe Ford is getting a bunch of endorsements tomorrow, one from someone he knows well!

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Mayor Joe Ford   Harold Ford, Jr.

EVENT: Press Conference and Early Vote Reception
Harold Ford Jr. and Mayor Joe Ford, Democrat for County Mayor

Wednesday June 21st @ 10:30 AM
The Peabody Hotel - Forest Room Mezzanine Level
Join Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and Mayor Joe Ford for a Press Conference & Reception, 10:30 AM at the Peabody Hotel Forest Room.

Let's unite as Democrats and build a future on "Hope" not "Fear".

Both candidates have very different plans about how to "invest in our future":

Democrat Joe Ford wants to build a "state of the art", new Med Hospital that will be a model for National Health Reform.

Republican Mark Luttrell wants to build a $400 million dollar, brand new jail.

Republican Mark Luttrell has admitted to attending "TEA PARTY" events and was the local campaign chair for Sarah Palin, John McCain, George W. Bush and Bob Corker. We can't afford to let Shelby County move backwards with their conservative Republican agenda.

Join us tomorrow as we choose Democrat Joe Ford and future of "Hope" over "Fear"!

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