Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I want to talk more about this TNDP stuff

Look, I actually LIKE Mike McWherter, despite the idiotic press release sent out earlier today.  He is in a difficult position, and there are those who believe that he is being set up to lose as a sacrificial lamb.

Why else would someone advise him to chase after votes he cannot possibly win?  The teabaggers, birthers and xenophobes who are scared of the swarthy brown people will not vote for Mike, or ANY Democrat, for that matter.

They are of the belief that liberals like us will have to vote for them, because, after all, you wouldn't vote for a Republican, right?  Well, dumbasses, if there is no real difference, why bother to vote in that race at all? As Ross noted at STP, if McWherter has any hope of winning, he has to excite his base this November.

And you and I are the base.  Yes, LIBERALS are the base, you can't win without us, and if you don't give us a fucking reason to vote, we will NOT VOTE in your race.  Seriously.  Mabel will be very easy for me to write in on Election Day, and I wouldn't even think twice.

You people in the TNDP (and all of you Bredesen assholes, ESPECIALLY) seem to forget something: YOU are beholden to US, and not vice versa.  At a time when Democrats need to be EXCITED about something, the people running the show for McWherter and the TNDP seem to be finding new ways to DEPRESS the turnout.

Look, if Mr. Pilot Oil becomes Governor, he'll be the GOP version of Bredesen, except that it will be the wingnuts screaming for 8 years that Haslam has betrayed them, which he will, which could be real fun to watch.  I would still rather have a DEMOCRATIC governor, if Mike will just stay away from the the right-wing bullshit, this could still be salvageable.

Just remember though, you have to come to US, not vice versa.

Unless you like the idea of Governor Haslam.


callmeishmael said...

Mike's denunciation is utterly, totally obscene. Even if I were a Democrat, I wouldn't vote for him period. He sounds more like Theodore Bilbo than J. William Fulbright or Albert Gore, Sr.

sbanbury said...

What a dumbass. He might as well have done a commercial of shooting himself in the foot to get the NRA vote. If McWherter doesn't draw out the Democratic base in this election, why else will they go to the polls? The other issues on the ballot will already be decided.

Babbling Boomer said...

I think Lorelai Gilmore sums it up best.

JASON: It’s interesting, I didn’t know you and your mother were so close.

LORELAI: We’re not.

JASON: You’re being awfully protective of her.

LORELAI: Well, every family has a Fredo.

JASON: Yeah, and Fredo’s family put two in the back of his head.

Babbling Boomer said...

Has it occurred to anyone that outside major areas like Memphis, Nashville and Chatannooga many RURAL Democrats may lean mre toward Blue Dog than Nancy Pelosi? Two words, "John Tanner" . Plus look where MM grew up. Is that a breeding ground for a Steve Cohen?