Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I agree with Brad and PD

This craziness is a distraction from the fact that Pete Aviotti may well be singing like a canary before the Grand Jury, and his days in elected office might be numbered.

I could be wrong, and his narcissism may well have engulfed the mayor to the point where he thinks he could beat Cohen. I, however, just think he's setting himself up to blame an indictment on political issues in order to inflame his base.
Ever hear of the guy who cried WOLF, Mr. Mayor?

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Anonymous said...

Running for office allows him to raise money. He may need that money to defend himself against the Feds or reimburse for other diverted funds, or even to keep city services secondary to his miraculous (give them raises but don't raise taxes)budget.

Or W. Thomas may have it right, it's just to create a story to detract from the fictional budget he'll be releasing.

I like Cohen, but I don't think he can beat Willie in District 9 without a damaging, dirty campaign.

If Willie were elected, he would last 2 seconds in DC before scandal hit.