Friday, April 17, 2009

Random thoughts

I went to Speaker Naifeh's Coon Supper last night with Vibinc and the semi-retired Freedonian, where we met up with our beloved Newscoma, who gives us a spot-on report of the evening.

There were lots of folks from Big Shelby, as well as Gubernatorial candidates aplenty (Kim McMillan, Ward Cammack, Roy Herron) and potential candidates (Andy Berke, as well as our own Jim Kyle). I agree that what happens at Coon Supper stays at Coon Supper; let's just say a great time was had by all.

In other news, since Deidre Malone has to vacate her County Commission seat due to term-limiting before she is elected as County Mayor (and I am supporting that effort, more on that later), I can think of no one better to replace her in that seat than my friend Norma Lester. Norma is having a meet and greet at the IBEW, 1870 Madison, from 11AM to 1PM on Saturday (tomorrow), and there will be hot dogs and soft drinks, so come on out and meet Norma if you don't know her. I worked with her on the ExecCom and she is tireless in whatever she does, she will be terrific on the Commission.

Two weeks to the TNDP Summit, (and my vacation) so it's crazy time, nothing but a-holes and elbows between now and then, as the old saying goes. Gotta get ready for work, more later!

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