Thursday, April 30, 2009

On prosecutors, federal and state

Everyone in town knows and talks about the ongoing investigation of Mayor Willie Herenton, and we've heard people say "he's just about to be INDICTED!" for what, three years now? It still hasn't happened. Oh, I know, Pete Aviotti and Charles Carpenter appeared before the Grand Jury recently, but so what? You've had all these years and you STILL don't have him cold?
Put it out there, US Attorney's office, let's see what you have. I say you've got NOTHING.
Cracker, are you out of your mind? Defending the Mayor? Not really. I'm just saying that I believe the USA's office is fishing, desperate to dump a nice steamy turd on the doorstep of the new, Democratically-appointed USA. Then, if said USA looks through the evidence and finds it less than satisfactory to stand up before a jury, said USA will of course be accused of being a Democratic stooge and soft on crime. Considering Hizzoner has backed Republicans as often as he has Democrats, that will be ironic and idiotic.
Even though the Mayor is looking more and more like a tired old man desperately trying to state relevant with his faux-campaign for TN-09, and even though the arrow has pointed DOWN for him since 2004, IMO, he shouldn't have to fight jail unless they really have something. And, if they HAD something, they would have indicted him before now.
Now then, what the hell do we make of THIS? Why, General Gibbons, would you NAME Couuncilor Barbara Swearengen Ware if you do not intend to indict her? Considering that this happened under the watch of a REPUBLICAN County Clerk (and maybe TWO of them, if they went back far enough), why slander a known Democrat? Again, do you have something on her, or are you just trying to make yourself look tough for your gubernatorial campaign? Is that why you suddenly CLOSED MEDIA ACCESS to your fundraiser? Are you worried that the Wilson County Straw Poll may have revealed severe weakness outside the Western Division?
And what of Debbie Stamson in all of this? If she indeed knew nothing of this, why not? That shows lack of oversight, and that's the BEST case scenario.
Fair's fair, people. I'm not a fan of Mayor Herenton, but the USA's office needs to piss or get off the pot, as my grandfather used to say. If Bill Gibbons wants to make himself look tough by attacking a Democrat when it was the GOP Clerk's fault for not seeing something under her nose, he needs to be held accountable.
There's enough going on here to do things right without going after people for bullshit reasons.
Rant over.


captainkona said...

All true.

The Bush era's DOJ dropped the ball on Stevens badly and in the end, made Stevens look lees the filthy crook he actually is.

They must be taking advice from the LA County attorney's office.

autoegocrat said...

LWC, this is one tree I don't mind them barking up. Bob had a good post on this, pretty much sums up my thoughts on the matter.

Sic 'em, Bill.

Anonymous said...