Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New DNC Ad

Meet the New GOP, you might know them!

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captainkona said...

Thanx, Steve.

I read this earlier and didn't want to turn a positive thing into a bummer. As I have been known to do.

I'm glad they did the ad...

As weak as it was.

The DNC has been emasculated. The departure of Howard Dean, followed by adding Kaine ("pragmatic" Republican Lite), has put the DNC in peril of becoming unaggressive.

They have a vid. Cool.
But did any of us learn anything from it we didn't know before?
Where's the Put Alberto Gonzalez in prison for torture vid? Dean would have had one.
Where's the "majority of Democrats support Medical Marijuana" video?

I got this weird chain mail from that O'Donnell or whatever her name is, asking me to "be supportive of Hillary Clinton".


Why? Because she doesn't seem to be getting results? What does she need "support" for?

I replied that I find it difficult to be supportive of any Clinton, especially one that blames the American people for the drug cartel murders on the border.
Prohibition is the cause of the violence and Hillary is just being the out of touch idiot she always has been.

I requested they stop sending me mail at that point.

I only write this because I find it sad that the once mighty DNC may now be Centrist and therefor just another DLC, which will inevitably lead to failure in the future.

Or, maybe I just have PDSS... post-Dean-stress-syndrome

Anyway, I hope I'm wrong.