Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Stunning news: Wyatt Bunker to switch to the Democratic Party!

I have just received an amazing press release concerning Shelby County Commissioner Wyatt Bunker, who has apparently had a change of heart, and now of Party. I present the release:



I have done some serious thinking of late about the ideological
debates in which I have engaged with my Commissioner colleagues. At times, I
have aggressively advanced conservative positions during these debates with
great zeal, but have also kept my mind open to the opposing view. It has caused
me to rethink my positions. This rethinking has led me to make a significant
decision in my career, one which I want to share with my Commission colleagues.

The election of Barack Obama as President only accelerated the evolution
which has been taking shape in my own heart for a number of years now. After
full consideration, I feel that I have no choice but to be honest with myself
and acknowledge that I have been wrong to advance such a conservative view, and
that a new chapter in my political life must begin.

So, today, I announce that I am switching my allegiance to the Democratic Party. Its
positions on government intervention in the marketplace, its compassionate
spending priorities, and, above all, its recognition of the need to fight
climate change as the world’s number one global priority, command my respect and
my loyalty.

I will continue to represent my constituents the best way I know how. Today, that means doing everything I can to advance the Obama agenda. It is my hope that I can do that effectively as I work on the County Commission and work privately to secure the reelection of Mayor W.W. Herenton.

I welcome your questions, your comments, and your prayers.

Cc: Shelby
County Commission
Mayor A.C. Wharton
Local Media


Anonymous said...

I am wondering why he is supporting Mayor Herenton for reelection. That is a very poor decision.

Does this have anything to do with pushing the consolidation agenda?

Anonymous said...

I have heard those rumors and am waiting for an announcement of the other rumor, that longtime Democrat Steve Steffens is converting to the Republican Party, being disillusioned with government intervention and that our economy works better with no regulations to hold it back. That is the best way for our economy to grow.

Anonymous said...

like we don't know what day it is?

Brad Watkins said...

Come on guys.....check your calenders

Anonymous said...

For real. His name is Wyatt Bunker for god sakes. A name combining the tenderness of Wyatt Earp and the vision of Archie Bunker. He has to be a republican. April fools

captainkona said...

We should be careful about taking him under our wing. I heard he killed Kenny.

Anonymous said...

April Fools!

Anonymous said...

A Democratic Executive Committeeman said...

We'll accept Bunker so long as he only wants to run in a Republican District! Have him call Dell Gill!

Now April Fool That!