Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tonight began the campaign of the next Mayor of Shelby County

Full disclosure up front: I was on the host committee for this event, a fundraiser for County Commission Chair Deidre Malone, who is seeking the office of Shelby County Mayor.

She packed the Walnut Room at the Racquet Club, with supporters and well-wishers listening to Commissioner Malone list her numerous qualifications to succeed the term-limited AC Wharton as County Mayor. By the way, Mayor Wharton, a late arrival, was also on her host committee.

I have worked closely with Deidre since we served together in the late 90s on the SCDP ExecCom, and assisted her in planning a reorganization convention. I know first-hand her dedication to anything she works on, whether her family, her county, or her Party. She will not be out-worked, and she doesn't particularly care who gets the credit on a project, a CRITICAL quality for making things work in Shelby County.

Yes, I am eagerly supporting Deidre Malone for County Mayor, and over the months I hope to show you why I do, and hope that you will as well.


Anonymous said...

Exactly what does Deidre Malone bring that other candidates may not? As a commissioner, she seems to have been subservient to her political sponsor, Sidney Chism, and to our illustrious City Mayor.

Why do you think she will not continue this trend as county Mayor?

Steve Steffens said...

Well, for starters, Sidney (whom I've heard is trying to get Harold Byrd to run) was nowhere to be found last night, and is not on board at this time.


autoegocrat said...

Plus, Sidney's ability to get things done isn't exactly what it used to be, if it ever really was to begin with. Personally, I'm unconvinced. I've gone against him three times now. Each time I was told something along the lines of "OMG Sidney Chism is going to crush you," and we managed to post massive margins every time.

He doesn't deserve the fear with which people regard him. What the hell has he done to earn it? I've seen his mojo up close, and it's weak sauce. He only has power because he cheats, he has people to cover his ass, but mostly it's just because people are used to thinking he's powerful. He's really not. It's just a self-reinforcing bullshit loop. Stop giving him power, people. Just ignore his stupid ass. It's not like he's got anything important to say.

Allow me to dispel the myth: Sidney Chism is a kingmaker in name only. The man is filled with sawdust and styrofoam. He has no ideas. He has no vision. He has no principles. He's in it for himself, everybody knows it, and the sooner people just ignore this old ward heeler Crump wannabe, the sooner we can move this city forward.

(P.S. He's not anywhere near as strong in his district as he would like you to think. Give South Memphis a better candidate and they'll send him and his brand of backroom politics packing. You heard it here first.)

Anonymous said...


How are you going to explain Deidre' "contract" to provide advertising and promotional advice to the gubernatorial campaign of REPUBLICAN Bill Gibbons to our fellow DEMOCRATS???

Remember she's a "term limited" or supposed to be "veteran" Democrat... so what does this say about her judgment (this is the same thing as a backdoor endorsement of the Republican Gibbons)???

Tom Guleff said...

Maybe we'll have a surprise candidate come out for this race. It could get interesting and exciting....

Anonymous said...