Thursday, April 23, 2009

What do you mean you're AGAINST consolidation?

Let Steve Ross explain himself at VIBINC, it is a terrific read, go there now.


Tom Guleff said...

Since there's not a baby shoebox worth of savings in consolidation, AC Wharton is attempting to sell consolidation to the county on eliminating "red tape" for new businesses coming into the area.

That's just political Crazy Talk.

I live in Memphis for many good reasons, but efficient government, great schools, and a low crime rate are not in the top 1,000. We will be no closer to solving our problems with a larger government.

I can't imagine county voters moving the ball forward toward consolidation. I could be wrong, but I doubt they will vote against their interests. We have enough to say grace over.

For the record, I am against consolidation.

Tom Guleff said...

BTW, I forgot this --> :)

Anonymous said...

I believe consolidation is a poor substitute for fixing the problems we have in the county and Memphis. It will just create more problems not less.

AC just wants to be elected and will use what he thinks will get the Memphis votes he wants. Wish someone would run against him who is not pro-consolidation; same wish for the county mayoral race.