Friday, April 10, 2009

The SCDP is up and rolling, and they have a newsletter again!

That didn't take long at all! As they tweak the SCDP website, Lexie Carter (whom I supported as an Obama delegate to the Democratic National Convention last year) has the April newsletter up for you.

You can either access it through the website or directly right here; either way, go read it and enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Leftwing, the executive committee has not approved the publication of a newsletter under its title. The steering committee could not have approved it without the full body's approval. On top of that, the steering committee was elected after the publication was printed.

Nor did the party approve any money for the printing of this paper. Who's going to pay for it and who's going to get paid?

Why are these people pulling the wool over the new chairman's face already? They know better, guess he does not.

Certainly he must know very little can be done without the approval of the executive committee and definitely no money can be spent without their approval.

Anonymous said...

Lexie is just trying to make a buck off of the advertising dollars... plain and simple!

She's just trying to line up business before Felix Walker makes a sales pitch with a better product!