Monday, February 26, 2007

The Caucuses are Coming

The Shelby County Democratic Party is beginning their biennial re-organization process this Saturday, March 3 with the Ward & Precinct Caucuses at Airways Middle School, located at 2601 Ketchum Avenue, near Airways & I-240.

Registration begins at 9 AM and ENDS PROMPTLY at 10:45 A.M. Bring your Voter Registration card if you have it; if not, bring another form of ID.

After Registration, you will caucus, beginning at 11 AM, with other members of your State House District (83-93 and 95-99 are in Shelby County),. At that time, delegates and precinct chairs (not necessarily delegates) will be elected from EACH PRECINCT to attend the 2007 SCDP Convention, at the same location, on March 31.

If you are a Democrat registered to vote in Shelby County, please attend, as you need to take part in the process so you can help determine who represents you on the Executive Committee of the SCDP. In turn, they will elect the new Chair.

Then, you'll have the right to bitch at your reps if they elect the wrong person or screw things up!

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