Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What do you think about Comcast Broadband?

Mike Cromer has asked me to ask you the following question:

If you had TimeWarner RoadRunner service, and stayed with the switch to Comcast Broadband, have you had service problems since the switch? Are you faster, as they claim, or have you had service interruptions.

As for me, I have Earthlink Broadband, which is cheaper and administered by Comcast, as Time Warner did before. I noticed some outages prior to the switchover, but since then, it's been solid, and a little faster.

Please comment.


John Farmer said...

You really don't want my comments...

Let's sum it up this way, may the head of Comcast burn in hell.

wilder said...


Select Atlanta so we are all on the same page.

2900 kbps upload
364 kbps download

Road Runner

wilder said...

oops, reverse the up/down load

mike_cromer said...

My download is 960-1320, which is a third to half what I'd expect. The upload test doesn't even run. But that doesn't tell the real story. Web browsing (which involves lots of little requests and responses) is like a 9600-baud modem. No, make that 1200 baud. It's horrible. Sometimes my browser just times out.

I don't know what Earthlink is and how it relates to T-W or Comcast. Did T-W always offer the option of Roadrunner or Earthlink?

autoegocrat said...

Whatever you do, DO NOT get DSL from Bellsouth. DSL can intercept signals from the damndest things, including dimmer switches.

Just stick with coax or wifi, whatever you do.

mike_cromer said...

Here is another speed test, a better one provided by vonage.

This test sometimes gives me UPLOAD speeds of 6 kbps. Yes, you read that right. 6,000 bits per second. The best test I've seen today is 139 kbps (sustained).

Something ain't right. And I can't get comcast on the phone.