Friday, February 23, 2007

Don't everyone cry at once...

Tom Vilsack is getting out of the 2008 Presidential race, who could have seen that coming?

You think maybe the fact that he wanted to index Social Security benefits based on prices instead of wages had something to do with it? What a maroon.

Oh well, at least he had a pretty website.

UPDATE: Freedonian has a great take on Vilsack The Campaign.


John Harvey said...

What a maroon.
I thought y'all called yourself "blue" staters, not reds or any variations thereof!

TN420 said...

Good riddance to yet another DLC loser.

Now when Hillary and Biden withdraw we'll be getting somewhere. Not one single rubber stamp wielding DLC pig should be in the race by primary time.

egalia said...

Sorry to be OT, but Cohen was at firedoglake today! Thought you'd want to know.

Sharon Cobb said...

What will Jon Stewart do without Vilsack in the race? He really had some fun with him.
Hillary won't withdraw. She is the most likely person to be our nominee.
My candidate, (Barack Obama) probably doesn't have much of a chance because he isn't a puppet for the DLC.

TN420 said...

Hi, Sharon. :)

It would be most unfortunate if Hillary is our nominee. That will mean President McCain and we damn sure don't need that.

Of course, while Clinton and Obama make themselves look silly bickering with each other, John Edwards continues to look stronger, more honest, and more confident than either of them.

Let's hope she does the right thing and bows out gracefully. She cannot win and would be doing the party a service by making way for a candidate that can.