Sunday, February 11, 2007

HAHAHAHA, that's hilarious! Oh, wait, you're SERIOUS????

Jackson Baker says it's true, so I have to believe it.

Bill Morris, the erstwhile County Mayor, and before that, Sheriff of Shelby County, is apparently planning, 40 years after his initial run, to run again for Mayor of the City of Memphis.

Why? He has not held public office since September 1994, a month after he was trounced by Phil Bredesen in the 1994 Democratic primary for Governor. While he is no doubt held in a high regard by many Memphians, and he has very high name recognition, what purpose does his candidacy serve?

His entry would further split opposition to Mayor Herenton and make it more difficult to remove the four-term incumbent.

Have I just answered my own question?

It appears that the good ole boys decided that maybe Herman Morris can't win after all, and have called to the bullpen for someone they trust, knowing that either A) Morris will win and they'll be taken care of, or B) at least it will keep Chumney from winning and cutting off the developers' gravy train.

For whatever reason, it is not in the best interests of the City of Memphis that Bill Morris runs. The best case scenario of a Morris candidacy, and it's not good at all, would be for Morris to install the same people who started the sprawl in Shelby County 30 years ago and turn the city over to the developer class.

The worst scenario, of course, is that it would enable Herenton to be re-elected so that he could continue his mismanagement of this city, turning it into Detroit South. Crime continues to spiral, and the only answer is to elect someone who's been out of the loop for over a decade?


It's time to tell the other Old Hacks From Way Back that he needs to stay home, and let the one person who could make a difference for the better for this city run with his support.

And you know who that is.


Tom Guleff said...

I love the phrase , "Old Hacks From Way Back". That is a classic.

Sharon Cobb said...

Politics in Memphis is like taking the bad acid at Woodstock and watching Ann Coulter.

polar donkey said...

As some said to me recently, Bill Morris should be greatful for everyday he's not in prison.

This city is screwed. Are we all actually dead and Memphis is purgatory? Is that the cosmic joke that is Memphis' existence?

I can't believe I may have to support Herenton when faced with the choices of Herman, Bill, and Chumney.

Chester Durkin said...

I think it is more likely that Memphis will become an East St. Louis rather than look like Detroit South.

Keep in mind the makeup of Memphis is a lot like that of East St. Louis, IL. They are both on the same side of the river, and they both tend to vote for the worse sort of candidates.