Friday, February 02, 2007

The time has come...

For my Super Bowl pick....

Super Bowl XLI, Miami, Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears, 5:21 PM, CBS (WREG -3)

Let me tell you a story that I think is a parallel to this year's game. When the Colts first played in this game, in January 1969, they came to Miami as prohibitive favorites. Just as this year, they were the champions of the conference or league that was perceived to be clearly superior to the other one.

Just as this year, the Colts had a legendary QB who was thought to be one of the best all-time, with a great head coach who was also thought to be among the elite.

Just as this year, the other team had a quarterback from the North who went to a SEC school to play under a legendary coach, who helped prepare him for the road ahead..

Just as this year, that QB, who had struggled in the pros prior to that season, enraged the mighty Colts by guaranteeing victory for the upstarts.

Before that earlier game, the Al DeRogatis of NBC stunned the world by predicting that if the New York Jets got over 100 yards on the ground, they would win the game.

Behind Matt Snell and Emerson Boozer, Joe Namath led the upstart Jets to the Super Bowl title by not making any mistakes.

So, if Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson can run for a combined 100 yards, I believe that Rex Grossman will manage this game efficiently, keeping the legendary Peyton Manning off the field and winning the game for the Bears.

I am confident in the Bears' defense, and I think they will shut down Harrison and Wayne, and that will be enough.

PICK: Bears 23, Colts 10


John Harvey said...

Wouldn't you say Namath and Manning were more similar than Namath and Groseman?

I really don't care who wins the game, but my bud Terry Roland will probably have a big C on the side of his house Sunday, so go Bears!

Desi Franklin said...

Speaking strictly as a girl here, what is the deal with all this football lately, LWC? I thought this was a political blog.

I'm going to start blogging about shopping and recipes soon if you don't let up. ;>)

Steve Steffens said...

Ahem, young woman, this is the SUPER BOWL and my Bears are in, the team I have rooted for since birth.

Besides, this is a respite before I start blogging heavily up to the Ward & precinct caucuses and I have to start that rumor that you and Del are secretly putting together a bloc for the convention.

Desi Franklin said...

Right - me and Del and Thaddeus Matthews.

John Harvey said...

I'm not one to say I TOLD YOU SO, but . . .

Did you get any football predictions right this year?< G >