Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OK, Herman's in; can he handle the heat?

Herman Morris announced today that he, too, is running for Mayor of Memphis, joining Carol Chumney and John Willingham in the race to oust Hizzoner, Willie W. Herenton, this October.

One has to notice that, while we knew this was coming, the news of the list that he authorized to prevent people either close to him or well-known in this city from having their utilities cut off was well-timed, eh?

Well, while Morris authorized the list, only his successor, Joseph Lee, USED the list to prevent the cutoff of Councilor Edmund Ford on a repeated basis. "Joseph does not want him cut off", said Alonzo Weaver, according to the CA.

Joseph Lee is a nice man, I served with him on the ExecCom and he is a quiet sort, from my experience. However, it is sadly obvious that this is not his forte, and I am forced to agree with the daily fishwrap that his resignation as MLGW chief is clearly called for at this time.

The Mayor may think that by leaking the news that Morris was responsible for creating the list will shift attention from the fact that it was Morris' SUCCESSOR who actually used it. NO.

Morris showed poor judgment in creating the list, and Lee showed worse judgment by using it for Ford. It is also painfully obvious by now that Mayor Herenton showed the worst judgment of all by appointing a man who was overmatched for this position and unable to handle the duties of that office.

Hopefully, by this time next year, they will ALL be out of public life.


SgtLarry said...

I would argue that creating a list of high profile customers for the purposes of NOTIFICATION of problems wasn't poor judgement. The CEO of MLGW should be made aware if a city councilman is having a problem. He shouldn't be blindsided by phone call.

As long as he never used the list to let the high profile user not pay, I don't have a problem with it.

I'll be very interested in hearing Morris' positions and thoughts on various problems facing Memphis.

polar donkey said...

I agree with Larry. It would make sense to create a list like that if you are a senior director. It looks bad now in the context of all these other problems and unfair treatment going on at MLGW.

mike said...

No surprise I agree with the two previous posters. Morris created a list that was just to notify him. It still needs to be shown (and for all I know it will be) that Morris gave those on the list preferential treatment in paying off back bills or preventing cut-offs.

Although.... Angus McEachran having a $10,000 back bill he can pay off at a piddly $120/month -- presumably with no late penalties or interest, either -- certainly strikes me as favorable treatment. That stinks to high heaven.

It should be pointed out that Carol Chumney is the present chair of the utlities committee of the City Council. Apparently she had no clue what was going on? Nor did she lead calls for investigations. That fell to the ethically repatriating Tom Marshall!

And now Herenton won't let Lee resign? Is that a message to his many cronies that he's got their backs and not to worry? Is it to keep Lee under City attorneys so he won't roll over?

Tom Guleff said...

Why do you need such a list for a public utility ? Will a customer leave MLGW and purchase their services somewhere else? This is not a business model but a political model....

bob said...

I agree with Larry and Polar Donkey that what Morris did isn't the problem. What Lee did IS a problem. What the Mayor didn't do IS the problem. Why not? Because Joseph Lee knows all kinds of stuff from working for the Mayor? Just asking.

kiljoyhardluck said...

Once again all of you commenting are wrong accept Guleff ( I never thought I'd say that ) Sgt. you and frank are
out in left field Morris wasn't concerned about helping anyone out with this list, it was to be used to hold this over people's heads to get political favors. Morris used any chance he could to aquire favors down the road and at the time of the incident. Morris is power and money hungery. Mike Councilwoman Chumney did call for an investigation first before Marshall authorized it. You also know she just became chair of that comittee after ford was kicked off. last month. anymore smart ass crap from you and I'll personally kick your ass all the way back to Huntsville, Al. Mofo.Guleff is right maybe another utility to be brought in to compete would shake up the crapheads down at LGW and then maybe Lee would be brought back to city hall to finish bancrupting the city. Bob Morris was using the list to extract favors political and others.
Morris is know for this. He was recently let go at Baker Donnalson
for not bring in business. The Mayor was trying to bust his chops
but didn't see it backfire on him and Lee. so he is trying to make Lee into a good guy but the people are not falling for it!