Thursday, February 22, 2007

What about Shea Flinn?????

While I, as a Democrat, could be happy with any of the four candidates below as our next SCDP chair, I'm going to throw out a name who hasn't been suggested, has not expressed an interest, and is sitting in the state Senate chamber as I write this, not having a clue that I'm doing it:

Shea Flinn.

Yes, the man who is as Democratic as his father is Republican, the man who has introduced progressive legislation like Bernie Sanders in heat, the fellow who has dazzled us all while in Nashvegas keeping the seat warm for Beverly Marrero.

Why not? He OBVIOUSLY stands for what we do, he knows how to lead and could organize. Maybe he could even charm Del, so why not?

Oh. He can't help being melaninally challenged (not mentally), but he is a great Democrat, and if we can't reach a consensus with the other candidates, he should be considered.

If he wants to be, and I hope that he does. Let's see what happens!


Dabney said...

I could get 100% behind this. None of the other possibilities (announced or otherwise) has my support yet, and frankly at least one of the people mentioned below is seriously deluded if (s)he thinks that (s) would make a good chair. Shea has served well in a lame duck seat, even offering up actual legislation. Let's get him on board.

TN420 said...

I don't live in Memphis, but I'm happy to lend moral support for this idea.

Shea's a great guy who cares enough to have answered questions directly from lowly ol' me, tough questions.
I'm not even a constituent.
Now that's a Liberal Democrat.

Make it work, guys. It's well worth the effort.

Wintermute said...

I like the bills he's filed so far.

Would he be interested in House District 89?

I don't know because he doesn't communicate with me.

TN420 said...

wintermute! :)

He seems to respond to challenging comments. Are you being too nice?
I questioned his sincerity on his medical marijuana stance, he made sure I was set straight.

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