Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What's wrong with this picture?

Jay, if you don't know that DEMOCRAT PARTY is a Republican slur, then maybe you should re-think your run for SCDP Chair.
Don't believe me? Ask Bush whether it's a slur; he had to apologize for it.
Yes, I am fully aware that it is fixed down further in the picture, but WTF? ANY person claiming to be a REAL DEMOCRAT would know that you NEVER use that term.
And you people think Desi Franklin is a Gooper mole? Aiaiaiaiaiaiai!


Blinders Off said...

I came to your site over a year ago because I was so frustrated with the Democrat Party on all levels. I was hesitant because of your blog name, but because of your blog I linked to other blogs and I found you and the others to be fair in your blogging.

I and many others wanted to get more actively involved since we are now military retirees and residents of Shelby County. The politics in Memphis displays deep rooted hidden and blatant racism. The SCDP will not be able to move forward in a progressive manner until the major players within the party come to some sort of diplomatic consensus.

I do not know you personally nor Del Gill, but I read comments by you extending an olive branch to him. I read a very positive post by Desi Franklin on WTL; I also read Javier Bailey’s post on TM. The attacks on both individuals are disgusting and dirty politics is getting old to many individuals who just want public servants to do the right thing for the people.

Thanks to David Holt explaining how the Democrat Caucus works at WTL, I plan to be at Airways on March 3 and I can only hope more people like me show up.

LeftWingCracker said...

I am always appreciative when you comment here, as you are always thoughtful and, even when critical, it is constructive rather than an attack.

I appreciate your kind words.

polar donkey said...

This is a side question, but why is Jay Bailey so fired up about being party chair?

Wintermute said...

That's what I asked him at court this morning, donk.

Tom Guleff said...

You can always come over to the dark side, The "Republic" Party. We need your votes, too. As always, your blog is a good read.

Memphis Democrat said...

I don't think Desi Franklin is a closet Republican. Her explanation in WTL is sufficient.

I do think she is a Chism/Herenton Democrat however (she will deny this) and am reluctant to support her for that reason.

As far as Jay Bailey, I don't know if he is a viable candidate or not. I hope the SCDP finds a chair who lacks controversy and can get things done. I'm not sure that either of these candidates fit that bill.