Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All right, we've got some SERIOUS deprogramming to do!!!!

Our friend Commissioner Chris D. Jackson of Lawrence County has a list of elected officials from Tennessee attending this weekend's National Conversation in Nashville. It is sponsored by Democrats for the Leisure Class, er, the Democratic Leadership Council, led by YOU-KNOW-WHO.

OK, here's the list, with Shelby County officials in bold;

Phil Bredesen, Governor
Jim Cooper, U.S. Representative
Lincoln Davis, U.S. Representative
Bill Purcell, Mayor, Metro Nashville
Rosalind Kurita, Senate Speaker Pro Tempore
James Naifeh, Speaker of the House
Lois DeBerry, House Speaker Pro Tempore
Gary Odom, House Majority Leader
Lowe Finney, State Senator
Roy Herron, State Senator
Doug Jackson, State Senator
Tommy Kilby, State Senator
Jim Kyle, State Senator
Beverly Marrero, State Senator

Randy Rinks, State Representative
Johnny Shaw, State Representative
Charles Curtiss, State Representative
John DeBerry, State Representative
Henry Fincher, State Representative
G.A. Hardaway, State Representative
Sherry Jones, State Representative
John Litz, State Representative
Larry Miller, State Representative
Gary Moore, State Representative
Philip Pinion, State Representative
Joe Pitts, State Representative
Joe Towns, State Representative
Barbara Haynes, Judge, Third Circuit Court
Henri Brooks, County Commissioner
Sidney Chism, County Commissioner

Ty Cobb, County Commissioner
Chris Jackson, County Commissioner
Deidre Malone, County Commissioner
Steve Mulroy, County Commissioner

Walter Hunt, Council Member
Myron Lowery, Council Member
Vivian Wilhoite, Council Member

WTF? Marrero? MULROY? MYRON?? Is this BE-NICE-TO-HAROLD Weekend???

Look, legislators (and some of you represent me, BTW) the DLC represents all that is WRONG with the Democratic Party in America, and it is what Democrats voted to run away FROM in 2006, remember?

Most (if not ALL) ran on platforms considered too LIBERAL or PROGRESSIVE for the DLC, and, unless this is payback to HFJ for something or other, y'all don't need to be there. Hell, they may just run you out for being Dirty F***ing Hippies.

Commissioner Jackson is friends with our ex-Congressman and represents an area more comfortable with the DLC philosophy, so I'm not going to bust him up for this, because some day he may be Congressman in his area.

You Shelby County folks KNOW better, and y'all just need to get ready to take some lumps over this.

H/T to Kleinheider!


callmeishmael said...

Su-uh, you's a gettin' riiiiiiiite Souuuuuuuuuthern with usin' "y'all." Mah, oh mah.....

polar donkey said...

I absolutely agree LWC. Isn't it fitting to see Jr's first executive position be the leader of the DLC as it sails into political oblivion. You're a dinosaur Jr.

Sharon Cobb said...

Jr. is the guest speaker Friday night for Davidson Democrats Gore Family Dinner. I'm covering it--bringing egalia,too. I'm betting Chris will be there--I met him at the first Gore dinner in 05. LWC, you got it right. Chris WILL be a Congressman, if not a Senator.

I am going to find some of the video I shot last year of Al and Murtha and post it.

I digress...
It looks like Jr's weekend to be with liberals!

Administrator said...

Aw...thanks Sharon. I appreciate the comment.

I am not sure if I will be at the Gore dinner Friday or not since I am coming up Saturday for the convention.

But I will be sure to check out your blog for coverage as I know you will have it all covered for us!


Anonymous said...

LWC explain to me why John Deberry hasn't faced a serious challenger from the left in recent years? He's going to this DLC meeting and he flirted with voting for Bush in '04 because of the gay marriage issue and I believe he's on the board of trustees at Freed Hardeman which is a very right wing school. I personally like the guy.... Ive run into him a few times at COC functions. But I just wonder how he continues to survive in such a liberal area.

Steve Steffens said...

Well, because John may be moderate to conservative on social issues, but not on economic issues.

Also, he is a strong believer in campaign election reform and clean elections.

Otop of all that, he is a deep, thoughtful man that we all admire and respect.

Steve Steffens said...

Now, as for YOU, Commissioner Jackson, get your degree and yourself established, you are going to need to be ready to run for Congress when either 4 or 6 open up...

Sharon Cobb said...

Sorry I won't see you on Friday. :(

You (and I) forgot to mention that Bill Clinton is the keynote speaker this weekend. The way I understand it, he will be speaking on Sunday.

Administrator said...

Im working on it LWC! LOL!

Sharon, P.C. will be speaking Monday.