Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wendi hits a home run...

You know that I have not always been complimentary of Wendi Thomas. However, she absolutely hit the right tones in her column this morning regarding Larry Parrish and his handling of the Anna Mae case on behalf of the child thieves, er, so-called benefactors, the Bakers.

A choice cut:

Struggling financially, the Hes agreed to let the Bakers care for Anna when she was 27 days old. The Hes visited their daughter regularly in the Bakers' home -- until a dispute at her second birthday party, when the Bakers called the police on Anna's parents.

Anna's parents left -- as anyone facing officers with badges and guns would do. A few months later, during which time the Hes believed they were forbidden to return to the Bakers' home, the Bakers filed to adopt Anna.

That time that the Hes were apart from Anna, Parrish argued, amounted to abandonment on the Hes' part. See how badly his crazy shows? The only way that a police escort out of the house equals abandonment is if you're on the pipe, no insult to addicts intended.

If they hadn't dropped their attempts to keep that child from her natural parents, I was ready to suggest that we go all Elian Gonzalez on them. Fortunately, they (finally) did the right thing.


dwayne said...

I agree with you Cracker but was wondering why no one is mentioning Judge Butch Childers in the article, the one who ruled originally for the Bakers.

attorneydavid said...

Because he's one of the better judges and controls his court room. He does need some sensitivity training.

Honestly, the Memphis bar needs a wake up call, its not a paragon of competence I've been practicing a little over a year and the first six months I thought I had entered some sort of weird parrallel universe, there is like a 50/50 reversal rate here. That's nuts. A good judge needs to be voted out so the rest will start paying attention.