Friday, July 27, 2007

Everything, nothing and something all at once

I am not at all sure how coherent this will be, but here goes.

I have had a Michael Vick/dogfighting post in my head for a few days now, but I just can't put it together right now. Maybe by the weekend, I hope.

Don't faint, but Wendi Thomas has written what may be her best column ever on the subject of healthcare and the myth of merit and the self-made man. Even better, Auto has followed it up with a terrific complementary (and complimentary, too) piece that you should read as well.

I wound up the night at DL, where we were graced by our groovy and sexy dear friends from the Northwest of Tennessee, Newscoma and Squirrel Queen. They need to come back and stay longer, they can't come so close to Central BBQ and NOT go there. (note to Craig, Roger and Steve - where the hell did your website for Central BBQ go???)

Oh, and Liz? Welcome home babe, you were missed.

More later on this non-NBC station!


Tom Guleff said...

I love Central BBQ ! The Dry rub ribs for two or the dry rub wings are excellent!!! LWC, you have great taste.....

Squirrel Queen said...

I'm already looking licking my lips, grabbing an extra napkin and looking forward to my next trip down to share some BBQ with you guys.

Mr Turnbow said...

Vick and Pacman hopefully will never play another down in the NFL! Oh and LWC speaking of food if your ever in the Florence/Muscle Shoals, Al. area try Swamp Johns seafood restauarant! They have the best fried catfish around! We are so hooked on it we drive across the stateline a few times a week to go eat there.

'Coma said...

I can't wait to share some ribs with you guys.
Thanks for always being just wonderful!!