Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jeanne needs your help, too...

Join Senator Beverly Marrero and other Democrats for a
Happy Hour with Jeanne Richardson
Candidate for State Representative

Friday July 13th, 5:00 to - 7:00 PM
@ The Hunt Phelan Home 533 Beale ,
just east of Danny Thomas

Please come and have an after work drink with Jeanne
if you can contribute to Jeanne's Campaign
$100, 250, $ 50, any amount would be greatly

you are unable to contribute now, please come and discuss
how you can help the campaign.

Election Day for District 89 is Tuesday for Democrat Jeanne Richardson. Only about 250 people have voted early out of over 30,000 voters. We need your help to raise funds for our get out the vote efforts to beat her Republican opponent. The district is heavily democratic but only 1,100 people voted in the Democrat primary. Your assistance is greatly needed and appreciated.

If you would like to contribute online or volunteer on election day,

Or call David Upton 276 4024
Jeanne Richardson 725 - 2056

We need help on election day
Let us know if you can call voters from home
We need help knocking on doors this weekend

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