Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Let's do a YouTube debate HERE.

Our friend Richard Thompson at Mediaverse has asked the question, why can't we do something like this here in Memphis for a Mayoral debate?

I agree, go here and read his proposal, and let's get this off the ground. MLBers, let's look at this...

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TN420 said...

You know, maybe it's just me, but I got the impression that some of the candidates, Hillary and Biden in particular, seemed a little dismayed at the questions. Edwards and Obama too (but not as bad).
Then I realized that these particular candidates may have been hearing from the 21st century electorate, one on one, for the first time.

This was real Americans asking real questions. Kim from Long Island had a vid on the debate. She's one of my friends from RRMB.
Real questions that weren't transfered from staffer to staffer to staffer....to candidate (maybe).

I think it unnerved some of the high and mighty wealthy types.

Gravel and Kucinich didn't seem bothered because they do unheard of shit like use public transportation. Imagine that.

Now, I don't expect the DLCers to care what their base says. They've already proved that they don't. But I think this could be a great new way to let candidates hear directly from the average American, and allow the average American to see their reactions.
When it comes to politicians, body language is the key I've learned. They all are trained to say whatever we want to hear, but when they stiffen up like Hillary did when Cooper asked who took a private jet to the debate, or when Gravel slammed her on her dirty money, it tells me more than their words ever can.

Good idea, LWC.