Monday, July 16, 2007

it WILL be a new Council!

Those who have pissed and moaned about the City Council will be delighted to know that the number of current Councilors leaving has increased.

Jack Sammons (SD9-3) has joined the list of departing councilors, joining EC Jones (1-retirement), Brent Taylor (2-retirement), Dedrick Brittenum (4-retirement) Carol Chumney (5-running for Mayor) Ed Ford (6-indictment), Rickey Peete (SD8-1-indictment).  Add to that the possibility that Councilor Tom Marshall (SD9-2) is considering either a run for Mayor or retirement himself, and you have the potential for 8 new members of the 13-member board.

Given that recent appointees Madeleine Taylor (3) and Henry Hooper (SD8-1) are considering whether to run for a full term, there could be a whole bunch of rookies on the next City Council.  

That possibility provides the opportunity for a fresh start not only for the Council, but for whoever happens to be elected Mayor.  It also means extra work for the potential returnees; Barbara Swearengen Holt Ware Who-Knows-What-Next (7), Joe Brown (SD8-2), Myron Lowery (SD8-3) and Scott McCormack (SD9-1).

With Bill Morrison announcing on Friday night that he is withdrawing from the race to fill Sammons' vacated SD9-3 seat to make a run in District 1, that leaves SD9-3 open for some bright, hopefully progressive candidate who might just be able to raise money and say no to developers.

UPDATE: our mystery guest has called me and asked me to let you know that Desi Franklin is a candidate for SD9-3, and I want to let you know that I am supporting her candidacy, so you will be advised as things progress and how to help her win! 

All right, that's all for now, come to the Edwards event tonight!

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RuralFreeDelivery said...

Bill Morrison: "Two good Democrats shouldn't run against each other."

Ouch! Sounds like he's spoiling for a fight with 2-Shay and Gatewood. This could get messy. Pretty funny that Desi was able to talk him into jumping into an already crowded race using that logic.

In light of these developments, can somebody post a more comprehensive "who's-running-for-what" list?... I know Brian Stephens and Jim Strickland are way out front in District 2 and 5, respectively. I'd be interested to see list so we can keep track of who exactly all the rookies are...

By the way: why are there no more candidates for District 4?!