Saturday, July 28, 2007

Michael Vick is in serious trouble...

The first thing you have to do is remember that, like all defendants, Michael Vick is innocent until PROVEN guilty by a jury of his peers.  

Then, go read the indictment, and THEN tell me that.  OK, it's only an indictment, but what kind of lowlife bastard would do the things listed there, or even ASSOCIATE with someone who would? 

Any alleged human who would raise ANY animal to be the type that would be thrown in a pit to fight for its life has SERIOUS psychological problems.  This is animal abuse, and if they would abuse animals, they would abuse people as well.  These allegations are SO angering and nauseating that Michael Vick, even if acquitted, is finished in the NFL.

Why?  Because the presumption is that, even if he didn't know about this, he SHOULD have, and why would he have ASSOCIATED with "people" who would electrocute dogs that failed to meet their toughness standards?  Even the best case scenario for Vick will have him in the CFL next year; the worst case, is, of course, prison.

I have been told that dogfighting is apparently everywhere, and can be found even in Memphis.  If this is true, I hope like hell they are found, convicted, and thrown under the jail.

Full disclosure: I am a pet owner, as you are aware, and there has never been a time in my life where dogs were not a significant part of it.  I am also aware that Pit bulls are NOT naturally mean, they are BRED and TRAINED to be that way.  Anyone who would knowingly train a dog to fight is subhuman scum and I will NOT argue this point.

If Michael Vick is acquitted, he will be allowed to play QB in Canada; no NFL team dares touch him, lest PETA have perennial pickets outside their games.  If, indeed, he is found guilty, let's hope he receives the same warm treatment in prison that he gave to his dogs.


captainkona said...

Damn right, LWC.

Vick owned the property and knew about the fights. That is not even in question. Even if he never touched a dog or attended a fight, he facilitated the crimes and is just as guilty as the other punks involved.

They should be stuffed into a pen with 100 pissed off, hungry Pit Bulls.

It's sad that such a promising young man could be such an asshole.

callmeishmael said...

I think Robert Byrd's reference to Dante fits that SOB Prick Vick quite well. May he burn, if not in a literal hell, then in the Hades that a jury of his peers sends him. If, of course, Prick Vick is guilty. Maybe, in that vein, Nixon did not know about the cover up and Bush 43 didn't know what happened in Florida 7 years ago.

Squirrel Queen said...

The evidence is damning. I wish I had a chance to be on that jury.

Freedonian said...

I am also aware that Pit bulls are NOT naturally mean, they are BRED and TRAINED to be that way. Anyone who would knowingly train a dog to fight is subhuman scum and I will NOT argue this point.

This is so true. When I was a kid, my best friend and his family raised pit bulls. There were only two times that any of his ever bit anyone, and I don't think it was terribly out of line either time.

1) I STUPIDLY reached in to touch a puppy just a few hours after the litter was born. She nipped my hand as a way of saying "Don't do that". I realized "Duh, that was pretty stupid".

2) He was wrestling and playing around with another kid in the front yard. The kid was younger, so "D" was pretending to be hurt. Nina thought he was pretty convincing and hit the gate in just the perfect way to open it. Just a misunderstanding.

Short of the death penalty, there's not a sentence they can hand down to Vick that I would argue with. I hope the charges are many, and I hope the sentences are to be served consecutively rather than concurrently.

A. said...

I agree Vick is lower than scum but my issue is the NFL is all up in arms about the abuse of animals, but turns a blind eye to the abuse of humans. Yeah, yeha, they suspended what's his name about the stomping on the player thing, but there is not a season of late that had passed without brawling/DUI/dmoestic violence charges flying at multiple players.

I think Vick /should/ lose it all, but I think this righteous indignation on the part of the NFL is slightly disingeniuous. If they were sincerely serious about reining in errant players, they would apply a consistent standard of revulsion and discipline.

But that's just me, a bleeding heart liberal, who also happens to be a woman, who basically follows pro-football in order to quash the boys in the fantasy league for the sake of it - so what do I know?

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Cracker, you don't know Raider fans. Dogfighting or not, Vick would be welcomed out in Oakland because the Raiders are sorry, and they haven't had a decent quarterback since Rich Gannon retired, and a really fabulous quarterback since Jim Plunkett.

Like all athletes with talent but no common sense, fools like Vick are soon parted from their money. Now think of what could have been done with those dogs, and how much he could have given back to the community with the money he spent on this "business".

He couldn't go out a get an athletic shoe named after his dumb ass, couldn't he? Now, whatever endorsements he had are scurrying away from him like roaches do when the light gets turned on.