Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Congratulations to Jeanne Richardson

To the astonishment of absolutely no one,  Jeanne Richardson was elected last night to fill the vacated District 89 seat of former Representative, now Senator Beverly Marrero.

The totals: Jeanne Richardson - 814, Republican Dave Wicker, Jr. 185, and write-in Steve Edmundson received 166 votes in the low turn-out race.

Jeanne follows a long tradition of District 89, as a Democratic woman has represented that area since 1975, beginning with the late Pam Gaia (1975-91), now-City Coincolor Carol Chumney (1991-2003), and Beverly Marrer0 (2003-2007).  In addition, the interim Representative was neighborhood activist Mary Wilder.

She will do a fabulous job for the area, as she is known in Nashville already for her advocacy on behalf of mental health issues, and we are delighted with her victory.

So too, are we delighted that this brings to an end the seemingly ENDLESS series of special elections that began when Carol Chumney left District 89 to run for City Council four years ago.

Great luck to Jeanne, and let's all take a breath until the filing deadline passes at noon tomorrow!


Joltin' Django said...

Reckon she's ever read Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics" or Jude Wanniski's "The Way the World Works" ... ? I bet she ain't. Thus, she ain't worth two squirts, as far as I'm concerned!!!

Steve Steffens said...

if she has, I know she's too smart to fall for that trickle-down bullshit that those two snake-oil salesmen peddle....