Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Freedonian comes back with a VENGEANCE!

The mighty Freedonian has THREE stellar posts up right now.

First, he does a terrific job of covering our visit to MIFA last night to hear John Edwards speak more about defeating poverty than his own Presidential candidacy, and Rick also provide pictures, while Vibinc provides video links in the comments.

Then, he throws a giant FLAMING SPEAR into Kathryn Bowers' front yard, with a post that advises you that he is not exactly weeping over her plea acceptance. I want you to read it all, so I'm not even going to excerpt it, just click on the link. Keep it rolling, bro, that's good work, even if I'm a wee bit more sympathetic; I completely understand, though.

UPDATE: NOW he goes after David Vitter, and be forewarned, he has a picture up that could fry your retinas, but go there any way!

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Freedonian said...

Thank you, Brother! It's good to be back.