Friday, January 11, 2008

A new old blogger?

In any event, we welcome Glen's blog Leaning Left but Thinking Right to THE ENDLESS BLOGROLL, and he has an interesting post about how we might regard the candidates if we were dating them:

They say dating is like a job interview. I think running for
political office is a bit like that as well. As the various Republican and
Democrats travel back and forth across the country selling themselves we get a peak at to what kind of person they would be on a date. I am basing this more on the image they present themselves on the campaign trail and not so much about their own personal lives.


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Tom Guleff said...

Mr S,

This is what I like about you, you promote other bloggers constantly. You "get" this more than anyone else in the state. (Unless you include The Flyer folks as a group)

We on the right side will catch up one day, but today you are the standard. Well done.