Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OK, now what?

It's not over yet, boys and girls; Hillary Clinton won a close victory in a small state over Barack Obama on Tuesday night. It probably had nothing to do with Obama, or Edwards, but with the media's vicious assaults on the Senator from New York after she had a truly human moment on Monday where her voice cracked while talking about her personal this race was for her. It was great human theater, while being pure and sincere at the same time.

She's still my third choice in the primary, after John Edwards and Obama, but she brought the race back to even after two weeks, which is a good thing. The longer this stretches out, the better I like it. We need to see more from everyone, and I am hoping for a win from Edwards (and he NEEDS one).

I'm not a fan of HRC by a long shot, but the vitriol that media people like Chris Matthews show toward her is out and out misogyny, people; Matthews is a punk and not to be trusted.

There are men who absolutely fear her because she is a strong woman; I think she makes their balls shrink up because she does not take bullshit from anyone. Well, except for one Big Dog, maybe.

Frankly, they are looking for ANY excuse not to vote for her if she is the Democratic nominee. She is not who I want as our nominee, because I don't like a lot of the people around her except for those directly related to her. I think she puts us in the most vulnerable position in November, no doubt about it.

However, if she is our nominee, I will support her. I won't be thrilled, I think she's too corporate, but I will support her. America will not survive four more years of a Republican presidency, period.

However, at this time, I have a choice, and his name is John Edwards.


Tom Guleff said...

The Empire Strikes Back after Iowa.

Len said...

I'm not sure of the "purity" and "sincerity" of Hillary's "tears moment". For several seconds, I was struck with the idea that she was saddened by the fact that she saw something slipping away from her grasp which she felt entitled to: "Why, it's my turn, dammit! Bill, Al and I agreed to that back before the 2000 election!"

In 2009, I simply want to see a President take office who's not named either "Clinton" or "Bush". Period.