Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Obama explains why Ronald Reagan was a great American.

I know THIS sure excites me about Illinois' junior Senator...

H/T to Kleinheider!


Anonymous said...

The biggest excess of the 60's was the fucking Vietnam War. Of the 70's, the War on Drugs (other than alcohol, of course, although that was to come in the form of MADD-driven hysteria that culminated in a war on the remaining legal psychotropic, nicotine).

polar donkey said...

Pandering Motherfucker. Obama can lick my balls. Either Obama is an uniformed dick or he is a DINO dick. I guess I'll have to see which kind of Dick he actually is, but I'm leaning towards DINO.

Was Reagan great when he was making that speech in 1980 in Philadelphia, MS? Was he great when he shifted the tax burden from the rich to working and middle class? Or how about running up huge deficits, mortaging our future? Or cutting social programs?

I know why Corporate America loves Obama. They couldn't find a normal black guy, except for Alan Keyes, who believed or would parrot this Reagan-worship bullshit.

You're right Wintermute and you know what else those "excesses" did? It dropped the poverty rate in America from 22% in 1962 to 11% in 1980. Who the fuck was Obama community organizing for in the early 1990's, the Young Republicans of Cook County?

No wonder the Obama flavored kool-aid seemed so familiar. Its derived from Reagan Kool-aid.