Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Obamanites are coming!

As reported by Ms. Gold and Mr. Braisted, the junior Senator from Illinois is opening a Memphis Headquarters this Friday in Eastgate Shopping Center. Good for them; with all that money, they know where to show up for Democratic votes. Too bad for them, Edwards is already working behind the scenes, BWAHAHAHAHA!

UPDATE: The opening is TONIGHT at 7 PM, per the Daily News!

You know, I would have thought this town to be an HRC hotbed, but I would be wrong. Of all the people listed on the Clinton steering committee for Tennessee, only THREE are from the largest Democratic city not only in the state, but the WHOLE SOUTH: County Commissioner and former SCDP chair Sidney Chism, my buddy (and herself a former SCDP chair) Gale Jones Carson, and my own state Senator, Beverly Marrero.

This town was a Clinton hotbed in the 90s, WTH? Is it due to the natural hatred of the Bluff City by those who live east of the Tennessee River? Is it because of that goofy picture of HRC the Flyer put up with that article? Who knows? I DO find it odd, though.


Sharon Cobb said...

I believe the opening of Obama's headquarters in Memphis is tonight, Thursday the 17th.
I wrote about it.
Also, the Commercial Appeal lists what I listed.

polar donkey said...

Break out the Reagan, oopps, I mean Obama kool-aid!

Blinders Off said...

When I first saw you being accused of being the person behind "BWAHAHAHAHA!" I did not want to believe it.

Seeing it here makes a person go HMMMMM....hell what should I have expected this is Memphis. I don't expect a response I just wanted to say what I said.

Blinders Off said...

What kook-aid are you all about to serve up!

Blinders Off said...

For those of you who think I spelled kool-aid wrong, I did not!

Like, Mary J. Blige says in one of her songs..."You figure it out".

What I fool I been thinking you all were different.

LeftWingCracker said...

OK, now I'm really confused here. All we're doing is trying to get our supporters out, as Obama and Clinton are doing, what are you implying here?

Blinders Off said...

A site we will not name has accused you of being the person behind the closing of “BWAHAHAHAHA!”

He called your name out more than once behind that closing and I dismissed it. I did not want to believe you would post such
derogatory comments about blacks under Anonymous, but leave your calling card. Therefore, I dismissed the accusation by the blogger you know I am referencing.

I do not comment often, but I do come by because your blog was the first blog that I ever start reading and it holds a special place with me. To come here this morning and to see your closing, honestly, my heart dropped and I was hurt because I immediately thought said blogger was right.

I do not expect you to understand my feelings because you have never walked in my skin. I also understand you are rallying your base. I just get sick and damn tired of racial politics, it was bad enough to see it during the Mayor’s race, and it was damn sure disappointing to see it in the Presidential race.

Ignore my rant because I am just damn sick and tired of it all. You all can have at it! If I am wrong, about assuming, you are the person being “BWAHAHAHAHA!” on the other blog, I extend my apology to you now and I have no problem in saying I am sorry.

I just explained assuming on another one of your post that bears repeating again:

Assuming makes an ass out of you and me

LeftWingCracker said...

Surely you know that I'm NOT that moron at Thaddeus' blog, I NEVER post anonymously anywhere, I don't believe in them and that's why I turned off anonymous posting about six months into this blog.

Hope you are feeling better...

Blinders Off said...

Physically I am feeling better, but emotionally I am sick and tired of politics. As I said previously I am sorry that I thought the person was you after I read your closing. I took my frustration out on you although it was comments from others I was reflecting back on that I read over the years.

I did stop reading the comments over there and I recently stop go by for reasons of my own. It is time for me to step back from keeping up with politics because it is depressing. Hell, nothing really changes anyway; I always ask myself why I should care. Well, from this day on I do not care anymore. I am retreating into my own little world and I am going to work hard at not expressing my opinions about politics and suppress my passion to work at seeing a better America.

I am still optimistic for a better America for ALL people and I wish you all good luck in selecting a POTUS to get America back on track for the world to see.