Monday, January 28, 2008

Religion and Politics, Obama and Clinton

I was standing in line today at the Comcast office over on Poplar due to my cable modem going out Thursday, its still out today, network issue. While I waited in the long line, I eavesdropped on the two women ahead of me as they watched the Kennedy endorsement today. Both of them like Obama, but one of them said something that reminded me that women have a monumental struggle ahead of them today.

The woman said that she would have voted for Hillary, but she felt that a women would not be a good choice as President. In part because she would turn to a man in a crisis, but primarily because the BIBLE said that a man should be the leader. A women could be Vice President though she continued, but the Bible says that a man should be the leader and that people who follow the Good Book would vote that way, even if it meant voting for a Republican.

Jeesh, I wish I could make this up.


bob said...


People who think Hillary will win based on overwhelming support from women of all stripes (plus a few men) are making a serious mistake. They are assuming that there are a lot of Republican women quietly waiting for the chance to break their bonds.

WordK said...

At a certain point in history, at least one Bible-based religious group (Church of Christ) believed that the good book commanded them to not vote.

So a woman can lead only if she's filling the role of a dead man?

Ryan Manning said...

It just makes me sick that someone would look to the Bible for political opinions. News flash people! That book is over a thousand years old. Why don't we update our refernces a little. It's just a completely ignorant move on the Bible reader's part. It makes them look ill-informed.