Monday, January 14, 2008

Endorsements for President and also county offices

We'll start with County offices and work our way up.

Cheyenne Johnson is unopposed in the Democratic Primary for County Assessor, and I have already given my reasons for supporting her in this post.  She understands the office and will continue the the meritorious service provided by her boss and mentor, Rita Clark, who is retiring after three terms.

Now, from the You're Damned Right I'm Still Holding a Grudge department, I am voting for Jerome Payne for the Democratic nomination for General Sessions Court Clerk against incumbent Republican Chris Turner.  No, I'm not still upset at Chris for jumping parties years ago, I'm way past that.  Mr. Payne's primary opponent is Otis Jackson, who, by running for Register as an independent in 2000, pulled enough votes away from Democratic nominee John Freeman and ensured the victory of Republican Tom Leatherwood, who holds the office today.

Yes, I know Otis has been our nominee in races since then, but he's not gotten my vote, and he won't.  Enough said.

Now, to the big enchilada.  Despite the media's desperate attempt to anoint either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president, we have had TWO states out of 50 determine their delegate selection.  John Edwards is third with 18 delegates, only seven behind Obama.

John Edwards is my choice because he truly understands the problems of this nation, and is the most progressive choice who can win the election.  (Sorry, Dennis.)  In addition, as Phoenix Woman of the blog Firedoglake points out, he is the ONLY Democratic candidate who does not lose to any of the Republicans now running. These are CNN/Rasmussen polls, and Rasmussen leans more Republican than any of the others, and even THEY know who our best hope is.  This internal memo points out the road ahead, and that it is WAY too early in the process; this race could go all the way to Denver.

The Obamanites swoon at his speeches, and they ARE mighty fine, but what issues has Senator Obama taken stands on?  What is he truly for besides puppies and rainbows?  Senator, you're going to have to do a lot better than that when the Rove machine attacks you, as they already have?

As for the junior Senator from New York, the first thing that I have to remind you is that Hillary, no matter what you want to believe, is NOT Bill in a dress.  It's also not 1992 any more, the country is in far worse shape than when the former Arkansas governor inherited the White House from W's daddy.  Yet, she offers the same solutions, with some of the very same advisors.  She, frankly, would be better off taking the Ted Kennedy career path, becoming a senior statesman in the Senate, maybe even Majority Leader.  Someday, we will have a female President; folks, she won't be it, as the Goopers would crush her.

He is our last best hope to stop the rape and pillage of this nation by the right-wing corporatists, and I ask you to join us in voting for John Edwards when Early Voting starts Wednesday.


Blinders Off said...


You may find this hard to believe because people assume and you know what they say about assuming it makes an ass out of your and me.

With that said Edwards has been my choice from jump street. You are right about the push the Democrat Party is doing. I will not be taking advantage of voting early this time around. Do you think there is a chance for Edwards?

Hillary never had my vote and I do not like her recent tactics. If Hillary wins the Democrat nominee, I will not and many others will not hold our nose to push the button for her.

Janet said...

I have not been a big Hillary fan, but I will feel ok supporting her if she gets the Dem nomination. As much as I appreciate Edwards' message, his constant anger, justified or not, acts as a continuously divisive measure. With his rage about everybody being done wrong, it is hard to see him being able to unite or get anything done in Washington. His lack of diplomacy also lends itself to bigger and bigger problems on the international scene. He is Trotsky. Passionate, but unable to accomplish the goals because of unwillingness to listen. Obama talks substance if you listen. He is too intelligent to believe he can make specific promises, so he does what is possible. He inspires, motivates, and uses near-impeccable judgment in his deliberate problem-solving manner. My husband and I both see him as head and shoulders above the other candidates.

Blinders Off said...


I did not know anything about Obama when he decided to run, but the more I find out I like. I heard how he would address some issues of interest to me Saturday. That is why I will not be voting early.

I am undecided between him and Edwards.