Sunday, January 27, 2008

This is the sign we've all waited for...

photo taken by Jackson Baker/Memphis Flyer

Folks, as I noted earlier, this is a picture worth a million words.  It is a sign that all the backbiting is over and unity in the Shelby County Democratic Party may be at hand at long last.

The picture above goes with this story by JB at the Flyer website.  This story alludes to changing times in the local party, with David having assisted Gale Jones Carson in her successful quest to be elected to the Democratic National Committee.  If we pull together, we are unbeatable.

Yes, they have worked side-by-side before, but now they are working TOGETHER, and that spells doom for the Republicans in Shelby County this year, and maybe for the next 10 years!


CAM said...

Is it good? I hope so but is Sidney no longer a control freak and is Gale no longer his hatchet woman?

Let's hope we are unified but I want to see action before I am convince.

Save This MG said...

I'm going to take a wait and see attitude here. It's one thing to come together for one specific event. But to make it last? Dunno. I'm not holding my breath yet.