Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's time to put these out...

UPDATE: Tomorrow is Election Day; if you haven't yet voted and you are registered, I ask you to consider these choices, as you will not hear from me again until after the election.

Ok, 'Mute has his endorsements up, so I might as well put mine out there.

We'll go Federal to State to County to Local...

US Senate - Democratic Primary - Bob Tuke

Bob Tuke has the best chance of the Democratic candidates to hurt, if not outright defeat, incumbent GOP Senator Lamar Alexander, who is a nice inoffensive guy that nonetheless has been round-heeled for the policies of the Bush Administration. Tuke is tough, he was a great TDP chair, and if you remember how former TDP Chair Jim Sasser stunned incumbent Bill Brock in 1976, you know anything is possible.

US House - District 7 - Republican Primary - Tom Leatherwood

Dwayne's spot-on commentary aside, it is not going to be possible for a Democrat to win in 7, so I am supporting Leatherwood because A) he is from Shelby County and not Williamson County, and B) he is decent and honest, neither of which I would say about his opponent Marsha Blackburn.

US House - District 9 - Democratic Primary - Steve Cohen

Yeah, THERE'S a shocker, eh? If you believe in more and better Democrats, A) we already have one and B) who could be better than who we have? No one, so why change? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Tennessee House - District 85 - Democratic Primary - Larry Turner

Larry Turner is one of the best in the General Assembly, so why change?

Tennessee House - District 87 - Democratic Primary - Karen Camper

Karen was appointed to fill the vacancy left by the tragic death of Rep. Gary Rowe this spring, and she has done a creditable job in Nashville. She is opposed by internet talk show host Jennings Bernard, and I see no reason to replace Camper.

Tennessee House - District 92 - Democratic Primary - G.A. Hardaway

I like GA Hardaway, he is outspoken and a fighter for his issues, even when they are not popular, like his bill to require that all newborns be given a paternity test. At first glance, it seemed like an attack on women, but after he explained his reasoning, I understood why he filed it. I am troubled by the fact that he is supporting the unqualifed Nikki Tinker for Congress, but, I just don't know Eddie Neal, and I am not ready to make a change.

Tennessee House - District 98 - Democratic Primary - Ulysses Jones

I am not happy with Rep. Jones' bill to weaken the Sunshine Law, I think it was ill-timed and misguided. However, aside from that, he has done a good job for his constituents and the city of Memphis. While I like Boris Combest and think he would be hard-working and conscientious, why throw away a committee chairmanship if you don't have to?

State-wide & Shelby County General Elections

Criminal Court Judge, Division 6 - John T. Fowlkes, Jr.

I know, for a supposed bomb-thrower, I'm playing it close to the vest. I rely on my sources in the legal community, and most, if not all, are very happy with the incumbent. I see no reason to replace him.

Assessor of Property - Cheyenne Johnson

Yes, I endorsed her months ago, because she knows this office backwards and forwards. She has been Rita Clark's Chief Administrative Officer for several years, and Cheyenne will provide continuity, ensuring that this office will continue to be run as outstandingly well as it has been since Rita took office in 1996.

Trustee - Paul Mattila

Paul was Bob Patterson's right-hand man, and. like Cheyenne, provides much-needed continuity in a well-run office. He is the DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE, despite the mysterious LaTroy Williams' indications to the contrary. Paul is the right person for this position and deserves a full term on his own.

General Sessions Court Clerk - Your Choice Here

It is the policy of this blog not to endorse a Republican over a Democrat in a contested partisan election. This race is the closest I have ever come to over-riding that policy. While I have forgiven Democratic nominee Otis Jackson for his ill-advised Independent run for Register in 2000 that cost John Freeman that office, I cannot make the same arguments for him that I could for Cheyenne and for Paul.

Just because he starred at point guard for the Tigers in the late 70s and early 80s, that does not make him qualified to run a County office with dozens of employees. He is currently a security officer for FedEx Security, and yes, that's the same as a policeman out there. To my knowledge, he knows little or nothing about how the office should be run, and simply has no business there.

As Chris Turner ran crying to the GOP after the loss of his state House seat in the early 90s, I'm not going to endorse him, either. I really wish I could tell you to vote for the Democratic nominee here, but competence is too important. Pick 'em.

There are three County School Board races out there; however, since I have no knowledge or the candidates out there, you're on your own. Early vote started yesterday, so GET OUT THERE!


dwayne said...

Sorry Cracker my friend but I see nothing decent and definitely nothing honest about Leatherwood. I do see one of the most cynical politicans in my 30+ years of involvement. The others are fine.

vibinc said...

Hey Cracker,

G.A. Hardaway is running in 92 not 90. John DeBerry is unopposed in 90.



dwayne said...

Updated comments Cracker.

I have no illusions about CD 7. When I said tiny, I meant very tiny. However, Marsha would be the weaker general election nominee and possibly helping Dems in the rural areas such as the Senate District that Wilder is giving up.

The main thing that has held Shelby back over the years is racially based voting and politicians who encourage it. Leatherwood has been of those politicians. Nikki Tinker is one of the latest examples. As far as Otis Jackson, he probably is unqualfied but no moreso than many Republicans who have held these little elective offices such as Jimmy Moore, Chris Thomas, and Bill Key. We really ought to boot Chris Turner out.

On to the general. D

Anonymous said...

Dwayne or LWC did any of you guys catch Bob Shutt on his little bus tour of the district? He had Playgirl model/country singer Daryl Worley and former major leaguers Chad Harville and Stubby Clapp on board with him. Harville and Clapp married into the Shutt clan a few years thats why they were with him.

Anonymous said...

There's only two county wide races in McNairy and Chester counties going on today. Jay Poindexter(D) is challenging incumbent Assessor Betty Ashe(R) in McNairy and Vicki Beshires(D) is going after incumbent Assessor Beverly Morton(R)in Chester County. Since these are the two counties that will probably determine who'll replace Wilder in the senate. Im sure there will be some people watching these two races in Nashville to see which way the political winds are blowing in those two battleground counties today.

Mike said...


"Of it ain't broke, don't Tinker."

Mike said...

Correction to correction:
"IF ir ain't broke, don't Tinker."

Mike said...

Never mind.