Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes has passed away, aged 66

The biggest-selling artist in the history of Stax Records, the legendary artist and composer Isaac Hayes died suddenly this afternoon, reports the Flyer.  

Other published reports indicate that Hayes was found unconscious near a treadmill in his home.  He was rushed to Baptist Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after 2 PM.

While younger people may remember him for his role as Chef in the cartoon South Park, older fans remember his series of hits for Stax artists co-written with David Porter.  However, he exploded onto the scene in the late 60s with albums like HOT BUTTERED SOUL and BLACK MOSES. 

He was the first Memphian to win an OSCAR for Best Song for the Theme From Shaft in 1971, and performed the song wearing a shirt of chains, coming out from backstage to a fog machine, which was the first time I'd seen one, it was an awesome sight.

He was a powerful part of the era that put Memphis music NOT made by Elvis Presley on the map, and he will be missed.

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ContrAltoDelete said...

RIP, Black Moses. I think I'll watch Wattstax again soon, just because.