Friday, August 08, 2008

Steve, here ya go

This is put up entirely in jest because it what the soon to be jobless Nikki Tinker tried to do

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Sharon Cobb said...

I wish I would have thought of taking this video and transposing Tinker into it during the election!
I could have had some serious fun with editing!

BTW, Borat, (Sasha Cohen) is an Orthodox Jew, and that's why he can get away with his humor. Sort of like Richard Prior using the "N" word.

A little more trivia. Borat, the movie, was a huge hit in Israel. You know that language he speaks that you can't understand? It's conversational Hebrew, spoken only in Israel and people who studied at an Ulpon or with teachers who studied it. It's very hard to learn, and it's not like Biblical Hebrew, which I am fluent in.
So Sasha had this inside joke going with the Israelis with his film.

Lastly, just 3 phrases you need to know in conversational Hebrew, anyhow. I spell them phonetically since I don't have a Hebrew keyboard.

1st. Ha-he Pu-she-ot. That means, "The Beatles," as in the greatest rock band ever.

2nd. A-Nee, A Ha Tav A Tov. That means, "I love you."

3rd. "Shalom" which is peace,hello and goodbye.

Not much else needed!

Shalom, y'all!