Monday, August 25, 2008

Disappointing news from SD-9

From my friend Regina Morrison Newman -

To all my friends and supporters,

Earlier this month, many good friends asked that I seriously consider running for the City Council vacancy in Super-District 9. I filed a petition in order to do that. Now I assure them that I have seriously considered it and examined all the issues, benefits and detriments of both the campaign and the office. At this time, however, there are numerous good candidates who wish to serve the city as I do. At the time I pulled a petition, there were no friends of mine in the race and I offered my candidacy, but now there are several friends and others who want the voters' attention. Although no one has asked me to withdraw, I am doing just that, rather than detracting from efforts to place the best possible person on the Council. Prior commitments bear greatly on my time, including the recent re-location of my law practice. Giving this campaign the time and effort necessary to win in the limited time frame would be difficult - even with my seemingly endless energy you all always acknowledge.

I do appreciate each of you...your undying loyalty, your good wishes and the work you have done. Hopefully, you will all be rewarded by the success of another candidate you can support as strongly - you are now free to do so.

All I can say is thanks.

Regina Morrison Newman

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Exile On South Main Street said...

WOW. I wondered what happened? Of all the Dems, she looked by far the strongest to me.