Wednesday, August 27, 2008

GMAIL is screwing me right in the middle of the DNC

List members, if you wonder why you're not getting your regular deluge of mailings, GMAIL has curiously instituted sending limits, which has only happened once before. Why NOW, in the middle of the DNC?

THIS is why Network Neutrality is critical, and our Senators and Congresspeople MUST support it.

I will let you know when this has been fixed.

UPDATE: We are rolling again, within an hour after this was posted, wonder why?



unknown said...

with the shrub's stomping on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we all have REASON to be paranoid. I have to admit, my first thought yesterday with the air traffic problems was an intentional slowdown to keep Dems away from Denver. I felt like a idiot, yet these are the people who think torture is totally acceptable, not to mention spying on us.

Anonymous said...