Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Let's start the rampant, mindless speculation NOW!

OK, so who's in the race to replace Scott McCormick for Super District 9 councilor?  

We're open to suggestion here, but I have names in mind, and mind you NO ONE HAS TOLD ME ANYTHING, these are just MY thoughts on potential candidates:

Joe Saino and/or Lester Lit
Desi Franklin
Mary Wilder
Kent Conrad or some other Gooper lawyer/developer type

All of whom, of course, lost SD9 races last year; that's no reason to think they might not run for an open seat.

I, however, would like to propose the name of someone else entirely, someone who may be more conservative than I am but I would trust to make the best possible decisions, someone who tolerates no bullshit.

I speak, of course, of the founder of himself, Mr. Tom Guleff.

Yes, I understand that he's primarily known for his satirical and sharp looks at Memphis politics, but he would be a devout public servant and I would support him for this office.  No, Tom, I'm not kidding, you need to think about this, and if he agrees, SD9 voters, you need to get behind him, because he would be a virulent watchdog of our tax dollars without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Think about it, Tom.


Brad Watkins said...

Is Carol Chumney in that District?

Exile On South Main Street said...

With all due respect to Mr. Guleff, I would humbly offer that he is more powerful--indeed, more valuable!--as an agitated fifth columnist than he would be as an elected official. Tom wields a unique responsibility as one who has built a brand comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comforted of Memphis' politerati. We need him right where he's at.

Doubt that Desi would run. Joe Saino, God love him, has no chance.

Likewise doubt that McCormick hasn't made some kind of behind-the-scenes provision for what how he'd like to see things play out, but who knows.

Exile On South Main Street said...

Also, lest we forget, doesn't McCormick's vacancy make Barbara Swearegen Ware the presumptive Council chair? Doesn't she have the second most seniority after Scott?

Brad Watkins said...

I thought Lowery was the Vice Chair

Exile On South Main Street said...

Brad, I think you're right. My bad.

memphistigersfan said...

yes Carol is in that district

Tom Guleff said...

These common Bloggers and those folks who leave comments on blogs .... they are the scourges of humanity.

They know not what they do.