Friday, August 22, 2008

FGF Roundup for 8/22/08

Well, no one's going to top The Lovely Lauren's initial entry, which also serves as mine, but let's see what everyone else has!

Sharon Cobb - a true story about lions

Wintermute - Pat Benatar

Pesky Fly - In remembrance of Lou Teicher

Sean Braisted - The Aquabats

GoldnI - In keeping with the St. Louis theme, Chuck Berry!

Newscoma -
Etta James, Gladys Knight, Chaka Kahn and BB King. Damn.

Squirrel Queen - John Lee Hooker

Ginger Snaps - The Nuge

Scout - A-ha!

I'm About to Be Brilliant - The Who

Holly - Ryan Adams

Heartbreaktown - The Meaning of Life!

Kat Coble - Paper Lace (yes, THAT song)

Chez Beziat - It's all in French

Ron at Subtle Bluntness - Rev. Horton Heat

LeBlanc - The Seagulls

School Girl - Jason Mraz

The Gman - Poison

Nashville Is Talking - L'Trimm

Russ McBee - Sam Cooke

With deep, deep thanks to Ginger for most of this list!

Remember, if you're posting a Feel Good Friday video and you're not listed, email the Cracker at sjs1959 at gmail dot com!


autoegocrat said...

Hey dude, I think you posted the wrong email address.

LeftWingCracker said...

You are correct sir, it is now fixed!

Holly said...

Thanks for the linkage!